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Eagles Reach A Settlement After Lawsuit

| January 21, 2018

Eagles On Stage

The Hotel California was, according to a case filed against it by legendary rock band The Eagles, living it up a little too much. The rock band sued the Mexico-based hotel, which shares a name with the band’s iconic 1976 song, resulting in a settlement Thursday. The settlement’s terms were not disclosed.

The Eagles accused the Hotel California, located on the Baja California peninsula, of trying to trick visitors into thinking that it is one and the same as the “lovely place” of its most-successful song.

In court documents, the rock band claims that the song, from the album of the same name, wafts through the lobby, while merchandise in the gift shop describes it as the “legendary” hotel. “Such a designation only makes sense,” the plaintiffs wrote in their complaint, if the hotel is “somehow connected with the Eagles’ famous and legendary song, which it is not.”

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