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Once Upon a Time’s Creators Say the Show’s Ambitious Overhaul Could Extend the Series for 6 More Seasons

| October 6, 2017

Lana Parrilla

The new TV season features several reboots and revivals of former TV hits like Will & Grace, S.W.A.T. and Dynasty. Then there’s ABC’s long-running fairy tale drama Once Upon a Time, which is being dramatically rebooted while it is still in the midst of its original run.

When the series returns Friday for Season 7, it not only will be airing on a new night (part of several big ABC scheduling moves as the network prepares for American Idol’s arrival) but will feature a major creative reboot that resets the storyline, and jettisons many of its stars.

The new iteration of the series, which producers are calling a “requel”—part reboot, part sequel—features new versions of characters from other storybooks, like Wonderland’s Alice (Rose Reynolds) and . . .

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